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Response from CAMHS

You asked us to contact CAMHS and ask them about referrals time during the COVID-19 Pandemic and here is their response:

Oxfordshire CAMHS have continued to be open during the lockdown period and have been using digital platforms (as well as some face to face appointments) to continue to provide care for young people and their families. Using digital technology has had very positive feedback from young people and their families. We have seen an increase in our productivity by using alternative platforms and so we are seeing a decrease in our overall numbers of young people waiting to be seen. All young people who need to be seen in an emergency or urgently continue to be seen and Single Point of Access and team duty phone lines are open as normal. We are working on a recovery plan in terms of preparing our buildings to be able to safely see more young people face to face but will continue to also offer appointments digitally going forward due to their popularity and effectiveness.

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