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S̲E̲N̲D̲ T̲R̲A̲N̲S̲P̲O̲R̲T̲ U̲P̲D̲A̲T̲E̲

Oxfordshire Parent Carers Forum became aware that a number of families were experiencing communication and arrangement issues with SEN Transport.We understand how difficult this situation is and have made OCC aware of these challenges. A poll was carried out and the feedback that we gathered was shared with Lynda Poole, Interim, Deputy Director of Education, and Martin Goff, OCC Head of Access to Learning and we have received the following information. Martin discussed the process around transport arrangements and the procedures which must be followed in order to ensure the right decision is made.

Martin explained, that if families are expecting Transport for their child, but have not been contacted by supported Transport, with advice about the new arrangement, then the break in the system, could be at any of the steps listed : a) SENO Referral b) Eligibility Team c) Supported Transport Team


1. The SEN OFFICER sends a prompt to the Transport eligibility team. 2. The ELIGIBILITY TEAM receives the referral and advises Supported Transport that arrangements are required. 3. SUPPORTED TRANSPORT accept the request that an arrangement is required and these colleagues are responsible for arranging the transport.

Martin Goff - OCC “I will talk with colleagues on Monday morning to try and ensure we move things forward for those families.After that conversation in the office we can talk again and try and ensure that this year’s transport arrangements are in place and that families all know what to expect.

We can continue this discussion and look for the best ways to avoid these issues in future Septembers.”

If you are still experiencing transport problems and would like these to be looked into, please contact OxPCF by emailing, providing your child’s name, contact details and an overview of the issues and we will pass these details onto Martin.

We have become aware of a secondary issue around the unannounced arrival of transport providers at family homes and will share this feedback today.

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