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Feedback Analyst needed!

Oxfordshire Parent Carers Forum Feedback Analyst Role

Brief: OxPCF is looking for someone who can help us with analysing all the valuable feedback we receive from parent carers. This includes formal feedback forms and our social media content. We need someone who can develop a framework for analysing the feedback, who can then use this framework to collate and analyse the data we have and help us to produce a report from this collated feedback. To do this work we think you will need to be able to use spreadsheets, google forms and Facebook. We also think you will need to have some understanding of SEND issues and provision (or be good at picking up new things quickly). We need this work to be completed by the end of March and would like an immediate start. We can pay £20 per hour and would need to discuss and agree hours to be worked etc. The successful applicant would need to be self-employed, able to work from home and have access to all necessary IT equipment to undertake this task.

Feedback Project – the focus of this project is on the analysis and reporting of parent carer feedback received by OxPCF. We receive parent carer feedback from a number of sources but the main 2 are our Facebook page and via our feedback forms. We want to be able to get this data into an anonymised and usable format to share with partner agencies and others as needed (including feeding back to parent carers about the issues they are raising/discussing). We have begun this process by identifying our sources, what we would like to do with it, who we want to share it with and we have begun the process of how we might analyse it. We have realised that in order to get ‘up to date’ that we need to put some focused work into the initial analysis process in order to develop a system that we can then make use of going forward. To do this we would like to commission someone to undertake this work. The task will include: Building on the work we have done so far to set up a robust system for us to analyse data moving forward. We would like an analysis framework that we can use going forward probably using the framework that sits around SEND services and provision to identify themes/sub-themes rather than identify them from the comments we have received.

● We would like the initial analysis to focus on the feedback forms (we have both a general form and one specific to exclusions) we have received.

● We would then like the analysis to be supplemented by the Facebook SEND Room conversations by using the issues raised to identify additional feedback from the SEND Room.

● If time and resources allow we would also like a more in depth analysis of the Facebook SEND Room conversations. This exists from April 2021 and could either retrospectively analyse each post individually or by searching for topics and analysing comments – we are happy to take advice on this.

● We would like a formal written report(s) from the analysis and potentially additional/headline (accessible) outputs (e.g. infographic and/or executive summary) depending on the time available and what the analysis tells us. Process We would like the successful person to take a lead on this work but in consultation with co-chairs and /or steering group/sub group to ensure the framework and report(s) are acceptable.

Minimum expectations would be:

● Development of analysis framework to use going forward.

● Analysis of feedback forms (general and exclusions) – we would also really like to see some analysis of relevant SEND Room comments incorporated into the topics raised through the feedback forms.

● Written report and headline report.

Additional aims:

● More detailed analysis of SEND Room posts/comments beyond the scope of feedback forms.

Practical matters:

● You would be a self employed contractor for OxFSN

● The hourly rate would be £20 per hour (you would be responsible for tax etc)

● We would need to discuss the number of hours and expectations in terms of outputs. If you are interested in applying for this role, please email with your CV and a brief description of your skills and experience that are relevant to this position.

Deadline for applications is Friday 4th March.

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