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What do we do?

What we do:

As members of the National Network of Parent Carer Forums we support the development of parent carer participation, a process in which parents work together with professionals to make improvements to local services. 

  • We listen to your concerns and experiences of local SEND provision and we feed these back to Oxfordshire County Council's senior SEND committees and boards that we attend as parent carer representatives so your voice is heard. We are NOT a support service and we are unable to take up complaints on behalf of individuals as this falls outside of our remit, however we will signpost you to the appropriate help or resources wherever we can.

  • We invite you to take part in surveys, focus groups, open events and parent carer feedback sessions so you get a chance to meet some of the health, education and social care professionals who provide the services.

  • Since our relaunch in November 2018 we have been steadily growing our membership by building links with groups of both parent carers and professionals and promoting communication between them all.

  • We contribute to the improvement and creation of quality services that aim to meet the needs of  parent carers and their children/young people.

​We work on a number of focused projects throughout this year. You can find out more information about our current projects here

  • Parents and Carers of children/young people with SEND

  • Oxfordshire Country Council and the Local NHS Professionals

  • Other Organisations such as Support Groups, Activity or Benefit Providers

  • OxFSN (Oxfordshire Family Support Network) 

  • Contact For Families - who provide us with our grant

  • NNPCF - National Network of Parent Carer Forums

  • Schools and other organisations

How do we collect your feedback?

  • Face to Face - at organised events like the Oasis clinic, Autism Oxford Conferences, Youth in Mind, Schools and Support Groups

  • Face to Face - at our own events like Ofsted Parent Feedback Session, Focus Groups, Coffee Mornings

  • By email and telephone

  • Online Parent Carer Feedback Forms

  • Posts on our Facebook, Twitter & Instagram platforms

  • Surveys and Questionnaires

Who do we work with?

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“I wouldn’t change you for the world, but I’ll change the world for you.”

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