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Oxfordshire OFSTED Action Planning for Parent Carers

Since the OFSTED report has been published, OxPCF has been planning and meeting with the Senior Leadership Team at OCC to agree on the structure and processes for parent/carer involvement in the OFSTED action planning process.

OxPCF will represent parent/carer views throughout this.

Time scales are short, action planning meetings begin next week and OCC has 30 days to formulate its action plan. OxPCF will be using the following mechanisms to gather parent/carer views as widely as possible and filter these into the OFSTED

action planning process:

● Link to share feedback using Mentimeter

● Announcements on the OxPCF website

● Emails to parent carer SEND groups, organisations and charities across Oxfordshire with an avenue to share feedback

Please encourage all parent carers to use these mechanisms to get their voices heard and effect change for children and young people with SEND in Oxfordshire.


Please share your thoughts using this link:

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