Who We Work With

We Work With
  • Parents and Carers of children/young people with SEND

  • Oxfordshire Country Council and the Local NHS Professionals

  • Other Organisations such as Support Groups, Activity or benefit providers

  • OxFSN (Oxfordshire Family Support Network) 

  • Contact For Families - who provide us with our small DofE Grant

  • NNPCF - National Network of Parent Carer Forums

  • Schools and other organisations


How Do We Collect Your Feedback?
  • Face to Face - at organised events like Oasis clinic, Autism Oxford Conferences, Youth in Mind, Schools and Support Groups

  • Face to Face - at our own events like Ofsted Parent Feedback Session, Focus Groups, Coffee Mornings

  • By email and telephone

  • Online Parent Carer Feedback Forms

  • Posts on our Facebook, Twitter & Instagram platforms

  • Surveys and Questionnaires

What do we do with it?

  • We are recognised as the parent carer representatives on several high level committees and boards and this means that we contribute to the improvement and creation of quality services that aim to meet the needs of parent carers and their children/young people

  • We anonymise your comments and we summarise the information which we feed back to the boards

  • We compile periodic reports which we send to the local authority and to our grant provider to show we are using our funds to do the work we are expected to do


“I wouldn’t change you for the world, but I’ll change the world for you.”

Would you like to work with us to help shape SEND services?